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Catholics Returning Home

Sometimes members of the Catholic faith leave the community for a period of time. This period of non-practice can be caused by many life events, hectic schedules, inadequate catechesis or marriage difficulties. Catholics Returning Home provides a six week opportunity for those who wish to return to active participation in church life to discover what happened while they were away or to clarify what the current Church practice and teachings are.

This program is offered twice yearly. If you are interested in learning more or would like to bring a friend of family member to the group, contact Teresa White: 442-8599

Parent Support Programs
Listing of parish programs is located under Children’s Faith Formation.

Evenings of Prayer and Reflection
Throughout the year parish members are invited to take advantage of devotional and reflection opportunities such as Advent Vespers, evenings of prayer and communal worship services. Be sure to check the parish calendar to discover what is coming up next.

Adult Faith Formation Calendar