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Religious Education

Children's Faith Formation

Rites of Christian Initiation (RCIA) or Baptism of Adults

Parent Education

Children's Faith Formation

The parish program of faith formation for children provides a systematic catechesis on faith to supplement the catechesis of the home. All children of the parish are offered the opportunity to learn more of Jesus, of their Catholic faith and life it entails. Parents have a serious responsibility to provide for this on-going formation in faith.

I. Religious Education Classes
The parish CFF program offers religious instruction for children, K through 8th Grade. Classes are Monday evenings from 5:45-7:00 p.m. at Holy Spirit School - CFF Office (3920 W Land Park Drive, Sacramento, CA 95822). Every child attending a public school or being home schooled is encouraged to attend.

Our CFF Registration Form 2017_18 is available for download. Please print the form, fill it out with your child's information and return it to us with a check ($80 plus $30 for each additional child, and the Sacrament preparation fee of $25 if applicable) by mail. Please also download the Emergency Card form and the Parent Volunteer Form and fill them out as well. For questions or more information about registration, please call (916)443-5442 or email your questions to Patricia@hs-sacramento.org

Children preparing for sacramental reception must be enrolled and active participants in our parish program or school. The first step in such preparation is the active participation of the child’s family in the worship and life of Holy Spirit Parish. Long-range preparation of children for first Eucharist begins in first grade.

For further details and a calendar of preparation dates see the "News to Know" tab under "Don't Miss" on this website.

Presentation for parents of First Eucharist Students

power point presentation


Recommended Biblical Stories

II. Confirmation program requirements

Our preparation for Confirmation is a two year process normally begun during the sixth grade. In addition to their regular classes at school or at CFF, students and their parents participate in four retreats, the diocesan confirmation rally and a family service project. These are essential components to the Confirmation preparation. For further details and a calendar of preparation dates see the "News to Know" tab under "Don't Miss" on this website.

Service Approval Form

service reflection

Reflection on Ultimate Gift

III. Children’s Liturgy of the Word
All parish children between the ages of 5 and 10 are encouraged to take part in Children’s Liturgy of the Word during the 9:00 a.m. Sunday Mass. Children hear the scriptures and reflect on their meaning on a level appropriate for their age and understanding. Dismissed from the Mass after the opening prayer, the children return to join their families after the General Intercessions. No registration is necessary.

IV. Pre-school/Kinder church (Coming soon)
For pre-school children Holy Spirit parish offers a “kinder-church” program during the Sunday 9:00 a.m. Mass. Open to children 5 years of age and under, this program provides active learning about Jesus and faith and hands-on activities to engage the imaginations and hands of little children. Parents are asked to register their children for this program. Children meet in the St. Joseph room during the liturgy.


Rites of Christian Initiation (RCIA) or Baptism of Adults

The Christian initiation of adults begins with their entry into the catechumenate – the second period of the order of Christian initiation of adults which involves intense preparation in word, worship, community life, and apostolic works. and reaches its culmination in a single celebration of the three sacraments of initiation during the Easter Vigil.

To support the journey of the person seeking Baptism, the Church has established the Order of Christian Initiation known to most as the RCIA. This process is a “formation in the whole Christian life.”

Through a 12-18 month process a person seeking Baptism is accompanied by a sponsor as he/she explores the basic truths of the Catholic faith, practices living the life of faith and renounces those practices or attitudes which lead away from goodness.

Those desiring to explore becoming members of the Church are welcomed into this process.

For more information please see our RCIA information page.

Persons baptized in other Christian traditions who now desire to become Catholics are also welcomed to participate in the RCIA. After participating in the process, such candidates make their profession of faith at the Easter Vigil or at an early time, if appropriate.


Parent Education

Parents of children enrolled in our Children’s Faith Formation program and our parish school are offered a variety of opportunities to enrich their own faith and to support the faith growth of their children.

A parent enrichment program is offered to parents of school and CFF children. A sacramental preparation series is offered for parents of children preparing for sacramental reception. This series is a required part of our formation program.